News! Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp™ Multilock


Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp™ is a further development of Snipp & Snapp™ Hardlock where an additional flanges has been added to pipe. This allows the pipe to be sawn into shorter parts option that the tube can have a flange on each side that allows installation in two directions simultaneously.
Works as a mechanical protection on land as well as in urban environments and countryside, both for permanent or temporary installations.

Benefits of Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp™ Multilock
·        Quick and easy installation without tools.
·        Good working environment for installers.
·        Made from 100 % high quality recycled PP-EPDM plastic.
·        Up to 80 % environmental savings compared to virgin material.
·        Connecting sleeves securing lengthwise connection between the pipes.
·        Locks and hinges prevent the halves from separating from each other.
·        Tiltable 15° per meter in any direction enables flexible installation
·        Mecanical properties tested according to ISO 9969:216 and EN 61386:24.
·        The design enables the pipes to be sawn into shorter parts, 36 or 77 cm, to enable greater bending of the cable or to install in two directions whilst remaining the lenghtwise connectability