Future-proof – Prepare for the future and expand your facility as the need increases!

Greenpipe 1Base

Greenpipe 1Base

Base for all types of charging posts

Greenpipe 1Base is a universal base for EV chargers. Thanks to the lid’s unique design (acts as an adapter), you can anchor all current and future charging stations in Greenpipe 1Base. If after a while you would need to replace your charging post with another, you do not have to replace the entire foundation, only the lid. Expand with charging stations as the need increases, without having to dig again! By installing several Greenpipe 1Base at the first excavation, you are prepared to expand your facility with more charging base as the need increases. It saves both time and money, as you can avoid future extra ground work, etc. All that is left for a future charging station is a manhole cover and possibly collision protection.

Innovative design

  • The lid’s design contributes to a universal foundation for all types of current and future charging posts.

  • Easy to install and handle thanks to the low weight (15 kg). Transport. Thanks to the foundation’s weight and design, we can send 24 foundations per pallet.

  • The foundation is made of environmentally friendly and recycled plastic.

Technical data

Height (cm) 62
Width (cm) 40
Length (cm) 40
Weight (kg) 15 (+cover 2,5 kg)
Pieces/EU pallets (pcs) 24
Insert, extra height (cm) 20
Savings in oil & Co2-eq 44 l /29 kg
Length (cm)
Weight (kg)
19 (of which lid is 3,5 kg)
Pieces / EU pallet (pcs)
Insert, extra height (cm)
Savings in oil & Co2-eq
44 l /29 kg

Environmentally friendly.

Enhanced working environment for installers.

Secure and sustainable installation.

Simple and smooth installation.

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