Robust design and outstanding for working environment

Greenpipe Eco Anchor

Snap Anchor™ plate for overhead powerline poles

Anchor plate for overhead power line poles

The anchor plate is designed to facilitate the installers work environment. With an integrated handle and a considerably lower weight than its competitors on the market it’s a highly appreciated product by the installers.

Snap Anchor™ is produced completely out of recycled plastic to meet the high demands on quality and sustainability.

Age-resistant plastic

The anchor plate material is chosen to withstand the high requirements for quality and sustainability and will keep its characteristics for a very long time.

Technical data

Diameter (mm) 430 640
Weight (kg) 6 11
Pieces/EU-pallet 54/108 24/48
Savings in oil & Co2-eq 10,20l/15,36 kg 18,36l/27,65kg
Snap Anchor secureing overhead powerline poles

Less environmental impact

The Swedish research institute Swerea IVF (now RISE) conducted a comparison of anchor plates in different materials. The report shows that our anchor plate produced out of recycled plastic had the least environmental impact. The report is available in the download section.

Secure and sustainable installation

Enhanced working environment for installers


100% recycled plastic

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