Sustainable products with circular economy approach

Environmentally friendly infrastructur

Products produced out of recycled plastic

Today more and more purchasers require a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction of infrastructure which is both about time and gratifying. Greenpipe of Sweden has since production started in 2001 been consistent with environmentally friendly products produced out of recycled plastic. Sustainable products with a circular economy approach is our main focus when innovating new products.

Recycled plastic is well suited for our cable protection pipes and bases and we advise our colleagues in the industry to convert their production to the use of recycled plastic as well.

Greenpipe’s sustainability promise

Net owners

With the use of recycled plastic and the possibility to reuse many of our products we provide sustainable high-quality products with a circular economy approach which are environmentally friendly.


Our innovative products are developed to enhance the working environment for the installers. For instance, recurring heavy lifting could lead to stress injuries. Our bases and anchor plates which are considerable lighter than the competing products are good examples.


The world’s resources are finite. However, plastic is a material that can be recycled multiple times. Our products, produced entirely out of recycled plastic, maintains the same or even better quality than products of virgin materials thanks to big investments in product development and materials. We are proud to be delivering environmentally friendly high-quality products and contribute to a sustainably construction of infrastructure.

Together towards a reduced oil dependent

The environmental impact savings producing our products out of recycled plastic compared with virgin plastic materials are huge. Since the start of producing in 2001 we have contributed with:

0 liter
Savings in oil
0 kg
Savings in Co2-eq
lower environmental impact*

*80 % lower environmental impact

Swerea IVF (now Research Institute of Sweden), an independent third party, conducted a analyzes of our products and the different in producing our products in recycled plastic compared with virgin material plastic.

In the report it is shown that our production of cable protection pipes of recycled plastic only has a 20% environmental impact compared with the use of virgin material plastic.