Quick and easy installation

Greenpipe Flex Cable Tray

Simple but yet effective cable protection

Why is cable protection used? The answer is of course to protect the cable and the increase security at the installation. Sometimes none or wrong cable protection is used but according to us that’s only a short-term saving. In the long-term aspect this will eventually lead to cable damages and expensive operational downtime and repairs. Greenpipe Flex Cable Tray™ is a simple and cost-effective solution but yet highly effective. Designed to easily snap onto next piece.

Reduced need of sand and transportation

Greenpipe Flex Cable Tray™ is designed to reduce the current losses that can occur in protection pipes because of the heat from the cables. While protecting the cable underneath, where the cable most often is damaged, Greenpipe Flex Cable Tray™ allows the heat to disappear upwards.

During installation, no or significantly less sand than usual is needed while using the tray. Reducing transportation and preparatory work. Compared with sand and cloth which might disappear after a while, Greenpipe Flex Cable Tray™ will remain over time.

Technical data

Length (mm) 1200
Width (mm) 150
Weight (kg) 1,40
Pieces/EU-pallet 168
Savings in oil & Co2-eq 2,38l/3,58 kg

Secure and sustainable installation over time.

Less sand, transportation and excavator time.

Quick and easy installation.

Produced out of 100% recycled plastic.

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