Developed for harsh environments at sub-sea or on land installations

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp® Panzar

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp™ Panzar, robust split pipe cable protection

The innovative Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ is our toughest and most robust split pipe cable protection. Often used when the purchaser demands a product of very high quality. The Panzar system is often used instead of other plastic pipes with large thickness or pipes in other materials. Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ allows the use of regular cables instead of reinforced cables. Could also be used together with reinforced cables as extra protection.

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ was developed in close cooperation with submarine cable entrepreneurs and divers to be used in extreme conditions. Our own weights, Greenpipe Uni Weight™, can be mounted in several ways and the construction will make it possible to connect it to rocks/mountains.

Sustainable divisible cable protection

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ is made from the same high-quality recycled plastic material as all our products. Thanks to its innovative design the pipes can be installed quickly, both in sub-sea applications as well as above water. Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ will not slip apart thus keeping the cables 100% protected. Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ can be angled 7° per meter which allows for flexible installation.

The system is produced as a complement to Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Hardlock™. Using Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ is often a great saving when the alternatives, as risk of outage, could be very expensive and devastating. Chose Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Panzar™ when there can be no wrongs!

Integrated features

  • Integrated locks and hinges secures the half shells.
  • Integrated sleeves secures lengthwise connection between the pipes.
  • Built in mounts to attach weights or bolt the cable protection to a rock surface.
Snap Panzar with accessory weight system

30 cm

The different lengths can be put together in a perfect combination to get the right bent angle that adapts to the conditions of the terrain.

Technical data

Outer diameter (mm) 70 70 110 110 160 160
Inner diameter (mm) 50 50 90 90 140 140
Length (cm) 30 100 30 100 30 100
Weight (kg) 1,0 3,4 1,7 4,7 2,1 6
Savings in oil & Co2-eq 1,70l /2,56 kg 5,78 l/8,70 kg 2,98 l/4,35 kg 7,99 l/12,03kg 3,57 l/5,38 kg 15,36 l/10,20 kg
Pieces/EU-pallet TBD 65/130 105/210 28/56 TBD 18/36
Outer diameter (mm)
70  110  110  160
Inner diameter (mm)
50  90  90  140
Length (cm)
100  30  100  100
Weigth (kg)
3,4  1,7  4,7  6,0
Savings in oil & Co2-eq
5,78l/8,70 kg  2,89l/4,35 kg (30cm)  7,99l/12,03 kg  15,36l/10,20 kg
65/130  105/210  28/56  18/36

Secure and sustainable installation

Powerful design

100% recycled plastic

Rapid and simple installation

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