Smart accessories that simplify the use of our divisible cable protection pipes


Smart accessories

Snipp & Snapp® cable protection pipes have been the fitter’s first choice since 2001 and they promote a sustainable infrastructure thanks to the choice of material which consists of 100% recycled plastic.

To facilitate the use of our pipes, we have supplemented our pipe range with a number of smart accessories so that you can, for example, easily connect the pipes, you can easy joint two pipes, etc.

Our accessories are also made of 100% recycled plastic.

Accessory connector to attach split pipe with regular pipe without any gap in the joint.

Our solution to connect split pipes with corrugated and regular pipes.

Accessory box for Snap Split Pipes™ cable protection system.

The multibox is a problem solver for all sorts of joints and bends.

Accessory weight system for Snap Panzar™ sub-sea cable protection.

Accessory weight system to Snap Panzar™ to fixate the cable on the seabed.

Cable protection for harsh conditions

Snap Split Pipes™ has protected crucial electrical, data and fiber cables since 2001. The possible application areas are many, such as protection for electrical distribution, fiber optic cables and sub-sea cable installations. The products are often called problem solvers by the installers because of their innovative design and integrated features.

Cable conduit product features

Divisible – enabling snapping the cable protection around already active cables. Thus, enabling repairing and replacement of specific parts of a damaged distance of cable or cable protection without the need of splicing and jointing the cable to be able to install a new cable protection.
Mechanical protection – extended testing of ring stiffness and compressive strength.
Integrated sleeves – securing the lengthwise connection of the pieces, leaving no unprotected gaps. Also, enabling the split pipe to be angled in each pipe connection to follow the ground naturally.
Locking clamps and hinges – securing the pipe halves.
Easy installation – fast and simple, no tools needed.
Wide range of sizes – the split pipes are injection molded into 100 cm or 120 cm long pieces. Currently available in sizes from 60-220 mm (outer diameter) and 50-200 mm (inner diameter).