Greenpipe is currently delivering our sustainable products around and outside of Europe – please enjoy some of the projects where our products have been used.

Snap Panzar used as extra mechanical protection at electrical distribution

Snap Panzar™ as additional excavator protection

Project & location: Excavator protection, Hässleholm, Sweden. Purchaser: E.on Entrepreneur: Vattenfall Service Product & quantities: 3200 meters Snap Panzar™ 160 mm used as additional cable protection to guarantee continuous operation of important cables. Instead of installing the backup cable on the other side of the road both cables were installed in the same ditch.

Shore end cable protection installation

Sub-sea cable installation at the south coast of Sweden

Project & location: "Möcklö-Senoren", electrifying an island in the archipelago of Karlskrona, Sweden. Purchaser: E.on Entrepreneurs: Vattenfall Service, Tärnöbolagen and Pimmens Dykservice. Product & quantities: 850 meters Snap Panzar™ 110 mm to protect the cable. Every third meter accessory Snap Weight™ 18 kg was installed to fixate the cable to the sea-bed.

Extra protection for a cable crossing a river.

Extra cable protection for cable crossing a river

Project & location: Extra cable protection for cable crossing the "Alsterån" river, Kalmar County, Sweden. Purchaser: Ålem Energi Entrepreneur: H. Andersson Dyk & Anläggning Product & quantities: 50 meters Snap Panzar™ 160 mm to protect the cable and 20 pieces of accessory Snap Weight™ 18 kg to fixate the cable in position.

Snap Panzar™ installed at existing subsea cable to prolong the lifetime of the cable.

Prolongation of existing sub-sea cable with Snap Panzar™

Project & location: Prolongation of existing sub-sea cable, west coast archipelago of Sweden. Product & quantities: 1650 meters Snap Panzar™ 160 mm was snapped around the existing cable by divers to prolong the cables lifetime. The reason for this was that wear and tear had been observed on the cable.

Snap Base 60 mm installed by hand with existing masses as backfill, saving the environment impact.

Bases for solar panel poles

Project & location: Installation of solar panels, Värnamo, Sweden Entrepreneur: Sweco Installation of bases for the pole to the solar panels that supply the measurement equipment that measures water levels. Snap Base™ 60 mm was used and installed by hand. Existing masses were used as back fill.