All our products are produced out of high-quality recycled plastic. During development of the products our focus has always been quality, environmental impact and installers’ working environment.
Please enjoy getting acquainted with our products produced in the south of Sweden.

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Snap Quicklock is basic cable conduit of 1,2 m length and integrated hinges to secure the pipe halves..

Simple construction provides a really price-worthy product.

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Snap Hardlock divisible cable protection pipe for electrical distribution.

The original split pipe and our bestseller.

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Snap Panzar is a robust split pipe intended for subsea applications or rough on land installations.

Robust and tough, for extreme conditions!

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Cable channels for rapid installation of electrical cables.

Significantly reduces the need for sand backfill.

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Cable channels for rapid installation of electrical cables.

A further development of Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Hardlock.

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Cable channels for rapid installation of electrical cables.

Mainly used as a transverse duct under roads and railways.

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Accessory connector to attach split pipe with regular pipe without any gap in the joint.

Our solution to connect split pipes with corrugated and regular pipes.

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Accessory box for Snap Split Pipes™ cable protection system.

The multibox is a problem solver for all sorts of joints and bends.

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Accessory weight system for Snap Panzar™ sub-sea cable protection.

Accessory weight system to Snap Panzar™ to fixate the cable on the seabed.

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Bases produced out of recycled plastic

Improves quality and logistics. Easy handling in stock and at installation site.

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Bases produced out of recycled plastic

Future-proof – Prepare for the future and expand your facility as the need increases!

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A cable chamber for electrical cables or fiber optical cables.

Versatile problem solver and lifesaver, easily installed during or post cable installation.

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Anchoring plate for overhead powerline poles.

Robust design and excellent working environment thanks to integrated handle.

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