The most affordable cable protection pipe

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp® Quicklock

Divisible cable duct for rapid installation

Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Quicklock™ is a price-worthy split pipe cable protection. It’s made out of 100% high-quality recycled PP-EPDM plastic. Simple and fast installation without any tools needed will lead to low cost. An innovative design and well-developed locking system and hinges offer a safe and reliable protection. The divisible pull-resistant sleeve provides an ideal connection to ensure that the entire line remains fully protected, even over long distances with every connection giving a large amplitude (up to 22,5°) of cable flexibility.

Benefits of Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Quicklock™

  • Rapid and easy installation.
  • Secure installation over time.
  • Low environmental impact.

  • Advantageous pricing.

Technical data

Outer diameter (mm) 110 120 160
Inner diameter (mm) 102 110 150
Length (cm) 120 120 120
Weigth (kg) 1,7 2,7 3,7
Savings in oil & Co2-eq 2,89l/4,35 kg 4,59l/6,91 kg 5,27l/7,94 kg
Pieces/EU-pallet 40/80 40/80 24/48
Outer diameter (mm)
110  120  160
Inner diameter (mm)
102  110  150
Length (cm)
120  120  120
Weigth (kg)
 1,7  2,7  3,7
Savings in oil & Co2-eq
2,89l/4,35 kg  4,59l/6,91 kg  5,27l/7,94 kg
40/80  40/80  24/48

Produced out of 100% recycled plastic

30-50% faster installation

Good working environment for installers

rapid and easy installation

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