Environmental and working environment friendly products for anchoring


Anchoring products made out of recycled plastic

Our products for different types of anchoring are developed to enhance the working environment for the installers and reduce the environmental impact during construction and installation of infrastructure. Similar products, often in concrete or metal and with considerable more weight, are difficult to handle on site and while transporting. Choose to use a product of recycled plastic and help us contribute to a greener construction of infrastructure.

Bases produced out of recycled plastic

Improves quality and logistics. Easy handling in stock and at installation site.

Bases produced out of recycled plastic

Future-proof – Prepare for the future and expand your facility as the need increases!

Robust and sustainable products to enhance installer’s working environment

At Greenpipe we are constantly striving to improve the installer’s working environment through innovative products. Additionally, reducing the environmental impact with the use of recycled plastic in our products. This is done in close cooperation with our colleagues and contacts in the industry. Our goal is to continuously develop and expand the Snap™ product family with innovative products to enhance the working environment and promote a sustainable environment.

→ Our bases in different sizes have a wide range of use such as foundation for street light poles, signs, bollards, EV-chargers.
→ The anchor plate is a favorite among installers because it’s easy to bring along out in inaccessible fields.
→ For multiple areas of use our cable chamber, Greenpipe Multi Chamber™, is outstanding. Suitable as e.g. chamber for cables or foundation for bigger poles and signs.