Innovative products made out of recycled plastic

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Greenpipe’s first divisible cable protection pipe was released in 2001.

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Product development

Functional products to reduce the environmental impact and enhance the working environment.

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Community involvement

We are a part of the world and society with live in and are obligated to contribute.

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Greenpipe is a family company in second generation. Founded by Mr. Lars-Göran Svensson, an electrical engineer with almost 40 years of working experience within the line of business at Sydkraft/E.on. Mr. Svensson had had enough of the poor quality cable protection which was most common in Sweden back then. Instead, he thought of a better product for a few years and 2001, after starting the company, the innovative divisible split pipe cable protection Snap Hardlock™ was released to the Swedish market. Since then, Greenpipe has been focusing on developing divisible cable protection pipes and innovative products that are functional, environmentally friendly and good for the installer’s working environment.

In 2014 a generation change was conducted in the company. Mr. Svensson’s sons Stefan and Anders took over the leadership of the company, Stefan as CEO and Anders as chairman of the board. Mr. Svensson is still active in the company, continuously developing new innovative products and advising with his experience.

During the years after 2014 external employees has joined the company and in 2020 the company consisted of 10 people within the sales and marketing department keeping about 10-15 people busy at the factory just outside of Växjö. With sales in several countries in Europe and e.g. Canada and Australia the future growth goals are very ambitious and we are looking forward to the future with optimism.

Product development

Our products are constructed and design to enable features to simplify and enhance the installation. With the aim to constantly provide the line of business with innovative products to help solve the industry’s challenges.

The product development is conducted in close collaboration with project managers, purchasers and tool designers. Before a product is released to the market is has experienced both internal and external extensive testing. While developing new products, quality, environment and working environment for the installers are constantly considered. Do you have a product idea which could be of use for the industry we are glad to discuss a collaboration to realize the product.

Since beginning of production 20 years ago the products has constantly been produced out of recycled plastic to contribute to a greener construction of infrastructure and reduce the environmental impact. This is something that we will continue with and further develop over the years to come.

Greenpipe will continue to lead the innovation of products of recycled plastic suitable for the construction of green infrastructure and has several products under developing which will be released during the following years.

Community involvement

We are all a part of the society and the world we live in. Therefor, Greenpipe is contributing with products to enhance working environment and with less environmental impact.

Greenpipe contributes to several charities who supports vulnerable people. Furthermore, we support local youth sports teams which are doing an important job nurture and train our young individuals.