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Mr Lars-Göran Svensson, electrical engineer with some 40 years of professional experience had enough struggle with broken cable protection pipes for a lifetime. This made him think it was possible to develop a better solution. After several years of innovative work, in the stony ground and forests of Småland, southern parts of Sweden, a new generation of divisible cable protection pipes, Snipp & Snapp™, was born 2001. The pipes needed to address the following issues:

• Easy to assemble and install, without any specialist tools and avoiding work related injuries.

• Environmentally friendly solution as Mr Svensson, passionately considered waste and not to be a burden of future generations.

• Problem solving solution for harsh, vulnerable and tough environments.

Continued innovative work led Mr Svensson to launch an anchor plate made for the fixation of overhead line poles. Mr Svensson’s sons Stefan and Anders Svensson have now become next generation shareholders. On their shoulders is the task of developing Greenpipe with the same innovative spirit and focus on durable user-friendly products. Mr Svensson has thus freed up time for product development and continues, together with Stefan, reaching for the optimal future infrastructure solution. The vision is to remain where nature inspire perfection in Småland, Sweden. Supplying the world with the new generation divisible cable protection pipes and complimentary innovative products with sustainability in mind


To create a sustainable infrastructure for future generations

Customer promise

We deliver innovative, reliable, durable, problem-solving products of high quality that are easy to assemble, use and that can withstand harsh environments.


We dare to think in new directions and always want to improve our products and working methods. By finding our own and unexpected solutions, we lead development instead of following it. We listen to the market’s needs to see new opportunities and improvements.

We are honest and genuine. We keep our promises to our customers, partners and each other. We build trust with knowledge and action. We admit when we’ve made mistakes, that’s how we build trust and long-term relationships.

We care about each other, our customers and the world around us. Although we are all different, everyone’s work is equally important. Whether it’s something small or big, whether the person is “important” or not, we do our best. We approach our work with high integrity and communicate openly

We are flexible in both action and thought. We like order. We are always available to our customers.

We are a professional and competent team. Our ambition is to go the extra mile for our customers. We are proud of our work.We are constantly working to develop ourselves and our products/services, that is how we are industry leaders.


Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development global goals, signed by 193 countries, indicate the future path we would contribute to. Public entities and businesses have equal responsibility to contribute. Greenpipe supports Agenda 2030 in its entirety and has identified specific goals and sub-goals where we focus our impact.

The three key areas are;

Goal 8
Good working conditions and economic growth. A safe and secure workplace. We work continuously to improve our employees’ health and safety. Greenpipe products are developed to (help) assist our customers making a safer environment for its staff.

Goal 9
Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure are core values for Greenpipe. Innovative products and focus on local presence and sourcing we contribute and encourage sustainable production, circularity, and improved infrastructure.

Goal 11
Sustainable cities and communities. This is our main goal. We are focusing on enabling and facilitating sustainable infrastructure and simplifying the creation of tomorrow’s society. The goal is to contribute in a multitude of ways, without negative impact.

Sustainability is the Core Value in Everything We Do

Responsibility and sustainability are natural parts of Greenpipe’s DNA. Focus is on how we influence others to move in a positive direction. We would like to facilitate for our customers making the best long-term selection of products by clarifying which options are relevant for the specific situation and impact on longer term. For example, a damaged or hidden cable creates challenges. All cable installations should be protected to minimize external influences. Interruption of train service for individuals or cost for maintenance will accrue dramatically unless sustainability and long-term investment is considered.

What at first seem cost-effective and smart may lead to a costly and poor solution in the long run. It certainly does not contribute to our core value of a sustainable future.

Community involvement

We are all a part of the society and the world we live in. Therefor, Greenpipe is contributing with products to enhance working environment and with less environmental impact.

Greenpipe contributes to several charities who supports vulnerable people. Furthermore, we support local youth sports teams which are doing an important job nurture and train our young individuals.