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Divisible cable protection pipe for temporary or permanent cable installation

Cable installation for powerlines can be challenging, for example could rough terrain such as stones and mountains make it impossible to reached recommended laying depth. Snap Split Pipes™ is a solution for every occasion with different characteristics and sizes. Problem solvers that are well-proven since the use of cable conduits in the rough Nordic country’s terrain for over 20 years.

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Products suitable for electrical distribution

Snap Hardlock cable conduit, quality cable protection.

The original split pipe and our bestseller.

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Snap Panzar is a robust split pipe cable protection.

Robust and tough, for extreme conditions!

Read more about Snap Panzar™
Snap Quicklock is a really price-worthy split pipe cable protection solution.

Simple construction provides a really price-worthy product.

Read more about Snap Quicklock™
Cable channels for the installation of electrical cables.

Cable channels to reduce the need of sand and transmission losses.

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Snap Multibox™ is a problem solver to secure any joint or bending, keeping the cable protected.

The multibox is a problem solver for all sorts of joints and bends.

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Snap Cable Chamber™ enabling contact with the cable post installation.

Versatile problem solver and lifesaver, easily installed.

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Our solution to prevent gaps at the joints between split pipes and regular pipes.

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Snap Panzar used as extra mechanical protection at electrical distribution

Snap Panzar™ as additional excavator protection

Project & location: Excavator protection, Hässleholm, Sweden. Purchaser: E.on Entrepreneur: Vattenfall Service Product & quantities: 3200 meters Snap Panzar™ 160 mm used as additional cable protection to guarantee continuous operation of important cables. Instead of installing the backup cable on the other side of the road both cables were installed in the same ditch.

Shore end cable protection installation

Sub-sea cable installation at the south coast of Sweden

Project & location: "Möcklö-Senoren", electrifying an island in the archipelago of Karlskrona, Sweden. Purchaser: E.on Entrepreneurs: Vattenfall Service, Tärnöbolagen and Pimmens Dykservice. Product & quantities: 850 meters Snap Panzar™ 110 mm to protect the cable. Every third meter accessory Snap Weight™ 18 kg was installed to fixate the cable to the sea-bed.

Divisible cable protection pipes made out of recycled plastic, environmentally friendly.

40 000 meters Snap Hardlock™

Project/location: Province of Småland Net owner: E.on Entrepreneur: One Nordic Product & quantities: approximately 40 000 meters Snap Hardlock™ 110 mm. Protection of temporary cables of low- and mid-voltage network after the storm "Gudrun" 2005.

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