Area of use

Electrical distribution

Divisible cable protection pipe for temporary or permanent cable installation

Cable installation for powerlines can be challenging, for example could rough terrain such as stones and mountains make it impossible to reached recommended laying depth. Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp divisible cable protection pipes is a solution for every occasion with different characteristics and sizes. Problem solvers that are well-proven since the use of cable conduits in the rough Nordic country’s terrain for over 20 years.

Products suitable for electrical distribution

Snap Quicklock is a really price-worthy split pipe cable protection solution.

Simple construction provides a really price-worthy product.

Cable channels for the installation of electrical cables.

Cable channels to reduce the need of sand and transmission losses.

Greenpipe Multibox™ is a problem solver to secure any joint or bending, keeping the cable protected.

The multibox is a problem solver for all sorts of joints and bends.

Snap Cable Chamber™ enabling contact with the cable post installation.

Versatile problem solver and lifesaver, easily installed.

Cable channels for rapid installation of electrical cables.

A further development of  Greenpipe Snipp & Snapp Hardlock.

Our solution to prevent gaps at the joints between split pipes and regular pipes.

Lightweight anchoring plate for overhead powerline poles.

Robust design and excellent working environment thanks to integrated handle.


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