Michael Kautto Åslund new CEO at Greenpipe.


We are pleased to announce that Michael Kautto will take over as the new CEO of Greenpipe. With Michael Kautto Åslund, Greenpipe gets a CEO with experience from the industry, international business and a focus on growth, says Anders Svensson, Chairman of the Board of Greenpipe.

Michael Kautto Åslund, who succeeds Stefan Svensson, has previously worked as COO of Greenpipe and in that role he has been responsible for sales. Stefan Svensson will continue in his new role at Greenpipe and work as business and product development manager.

With Michael as CEO, Greenpipe will continue to contribute to Swedish exports of innovative products with low environmental impact. Since 2001, we have worked exclusively with recycled plastic in our products. We annually invest significant amounts in product development and quality testing. Greenpipe has always and will always be associated with quality, innovation and leading service, adds Greenpipe’s Chairman of the Board Anders Svensson.