Assembly of park benches.


Montering parkbänk

Greenpipe had the opportunity to visit Jennie Hermansson and Johnny Bengtsson at the company Mark & Miljö from Ljungby in Sweden, during the replace of old park benches and tables around lake Växjösjön. They were trying out Greenpipe’s Snap Base™ 60. The weather was not the best, but such a thing does not stop experienced installers – Jennie met us with a big smile!

The project had been going on for a while and many benches had been replaced, but according to the old technology with concrete bases. Now they instead used our bases in recycled plastic, and several benches had already been installed when we visited. We were of course curious about what they thought.

“It is a huge difference, a much smoother workflow. We can mount the bases directly on the table poles where they always fit just as high. Then we dig a hole big enough for two benches and a table, level to the bottom and then just lift in place. Since the bottom is level and all the bases are the same height, the height of the installation will be precise from the start. Minor fine-tuning is always needed, but a person can easily lift and adjust himself. When we are satisfied, all you have to do is fill up around the bases and pack with the compactor machine and the base will stay in place” Jennie explains to us before they set off and demonstrated.
We asked if there was anything they wanted to change with the Snap Base™ product? “You could mark on top of the bases where the cable entrances are, so it will be clear even for those who have not seen the bases installed,” says Jennie and Jonny.