An Optical cable on the seabed.



In Öresund (north of Sweden close to the town Helsingborg) there is an optical cable on the seabed. The cable has been repaired on previous occasions. When there are so many wires of different types on the seabed, it happens that the wires cross each other, especially in the Öresund, where currents and waves can move the wires down to a depth of 20 meters, which means that they need to be protected so as not to lie and gnaw on each other.
To protect the cable, Greenpipe’s most robust divisible cable protection pipes Snap Panzar™ 70 have been used. The robust construction provides unique protection in harsh environments.
To make the cable lie still, it has been supplemented with Snap Panzar™ Sea Weight 12 kg. These are connected to the pipes that hold the weights in place and at the same time protect the cable and thus extend its service life.
Kjell Andersson at Öresunds Dyktjänst in Sweden has carried out the work and mounted the divisible cable protection pipes and sea weights below the surface of existing cable.