Electrical distribution

Greenpipe’s divisible cable protection pipes are a problem solver

In the town Tingsryd, which is located in Sweden, there were problems along the street Växjövägen when new cables were to be dug down.
The workers could not go further out in the road or go closer to tree according to the guidelines received from the County Administrative Board. In addition, there was a bedrock and there were existing cables in place according to Rasmus Ståhl at the company One Nordic. To solve the problem, Eon’s cables had to be installed about 35 centimeters under asphalt. This could be solved as Greenpipe’s divisible cable protection tubes Snap Hardlock™ 110 mm can handle such conditions. By using Greenpipe’s divisible cable protection pipes, it was also possible to contribute to an environmental saving when using pipes made from recycled plastic.