Electrical distribution

Floating solar power plant in Port Oostende, Belgium

Greenpipe, together with 11 other companies from 7 countries, has participated in a unique project where a floating solar power plant has been built and placed on the water. Project manager was HelioRec.

The 10kWp (130 m2) floating solar project was built as a key part of the DUAL Ports EU-funded initiative.

The system is designed for 44 m/s wind speed and 2 m waves.

It was the world’s first operation when a floating solar power plant was placed on the water with a crane.

DC cables from floating solar power plant to PV equipment was protected with Greenpipes divisible cable protectors made from recycled plastic:

– 1 m Snap Hardlock 60/50 mm
– 1 m and 0.3 m Snap Panzar 110/90 mm
– Multiboxes.

It was a fantastic teamwork and we are very happy and proud of our participation

If you want to get more information: savetheplanet@heliorec.com