Versatile problem solver

Greenpipe Mulit Chamber™

Cable chamber of recycled plastic. Connected with split pipe cable protection.

Greenpipe Multi Chamber made of 100 % high quality recycled plastic

Greenpipe Multi Chamber™ is a versatile problem solver. A lifesaver when it comes to attaching clamp meters to the power line. The chamber could be installed during or post cable installation and could be installed nearby the substation as well as along the cable line to simplify future work on the cable.

Several benefits with innovative design

  • Safety – eliminates the risky part of attaching the cable meter in the substation.
  • Quality – produced out of our high-quality recycled plastic with high goods thickness and with a well-proven cast iron lid the cable chamber’s lifespan will outlive the cable.
  • Environmen – the plastic parts are from 100% recycled plastic.
  • Simple installation – install directly at cable installation or afterwards.

The different parts of Snap Cable Chamber™ displayed.

Technical data

Height (cm) 62
Width (cm) 40
Length (cm) 40
Weight (kg) 24 (of which lid is 8,5)
Pieces/EU-pallet 24
Addons (cm) 20
Indicative pole incl. attachment, height (cm) 120 or 180

  • Purchaser: 100% secure installation, no weak spots.
  • End-customer: decreased overall project budget through rapid installations.

  • Environment: huge savings of environmental impact, both for CO2-eq and reduced oil dependent.

Environmentally friendly

enhances working environment for installers

Secure and sustainable installation

Rapid and smooth installation

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