Wind farms

Greenpipe supply cable protection pipes to a Windfarm on Åland.

Allwinds has build Åland’s largest wind farm, the Långnabba project, which will produce more than half of Åland’s annual electricity consumption. There will be ten wind turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW / unit. Wind power is an important source of renewable energy because no carbon dioxide is released into the air when producing wind energy.

The common thread in the project has been the least possible environmental impact. The location of the park has been crucial and it has been difficult to find suitable wind turbine installation spots. After several carefully reviewed locations, the location of the new wind farm was determined to be at Långnabba in Eckerö municipality.

– Great focus has been to carefully plan the wind turbine spots and think through how to implement an establishment with the least impact on vegetation, sub-contractor Allwind’s CEO and project manager Henrik Lindqvist, points out.

Some places are close to mountains and we wanted to avoid blasting and the sub-contractor Allwinds has been looking for smart solutions to protect cables without blasting in the rock. The choice fell on Greenpipe’s divisible cable protection pipes Snap Panzar™ 160 mm and Snap Hardlock™ 160 mm as they can be installed above ground in difficult terrain and in water if needed.

By choosing Greenpipe’s divisible cable protection pipes in recycled plastic, Allwinds has contributed to  environment corresponding to an oil saving of approximately 19,700 liters and a reduction of CO2 emissions corresponding to approximately 33,700 kg (calculation according to Research Institute of Sweden). When the plants are taken out of use, both pipes and cables can easily be recycled, says Stefan Svensson CEO, Greenpipe Group.

In total, Greenpipe in collaboration with the dealer Uponor will deliver approximately 4000 meters of divisible pipes to the wind farm. Uponor has offered Allwinds its new system pipe solution for wind farms in which the divisible pipes are included. The electricity wholesaler Rexel will assist with the deliveries from its warehouse

The world-leading Danish company Vestas Wind Systems A / S will deliver the wind farm. Vestas has installed more than 41,000 wind turbines in 65 countries on 5 continents.

Allwinds, which has twenty years of combined experience in the design, operation and maintenance of wind farms, has been entrusted with the operation and maintenance of the new wind farm on Åland. Allwinds also offers design of wind turbines to wind power and project owners on and outside Åland. The wind farm will be owned by the company Vind AX AB.

– Our projects over the years have given us experience and knowledge that we are happy to share. Our vision is to be the obvious partner in wind power engineering on Åland in Finland and Sweden, says Allwind’s CEO Henrik Lindqvist.

Thanks to our Åland wind, we can become self-sufficient in sustainable energy and a future exporter of wind electricity. In our upcoming project, we will build ten new wind turbines and scale up wind power from 18 to 65 percent of Åland’s energy consumption, Henrik Lindqvist concludes.