Wind farms

Installation of Snap bases in a wind farm

In the wind farm in Åby-Alebo in Sweden, the company Kanonaden Entreprenad has chosen to test Greenpipes Snapp base™ 60 as an anchoring solution for signposts. Work manager Martin Alnemo has been looking for a more flexible solution that makes it easier to anchor. During and after the installation of the base, Martin and his colleagues have exposed it to various stresses. “We exposed the base to forces that I know other similar products would not be able to handle, but your base did well,” says Martin at Kanonaden.
The fitters’ work environment is something that is very important to us at Greenpipe. All Greenpipe products are developed to be flexible and easy to handle and mount. Base 60 has a built-in handle and weighs only 3.5 kg and they are very easy to lift, transport and installation.
– “Pack your” pickis “with the number of bases you need and then just drive away, you do not do that easily with the concrete bases. There are savings to be made both during handling and installation with Greenpipe’s foundations and we will definitely use these in the next project as well “, ends Martin.