Transverse duct under roads and railways

Greenpipe Cross Duct

SRN & SRS kabelskyddsrör av återvunnen plast.

Greenpipe Cross Duct

Greenpipe Cross Duct is mainly used as a transverse duct under roads and railways where the stresses doesn’t allow to install ordinary pipes, e.g. when cable pipes are exposed too large pressure loads such as roads and level crossings or where there is no space for normal shafts such as in city centers, tunnels, bridges and the like.


  • Quick and easy installation without tools

  • Good working environment for installers

  • Integrated sleeves prevents the duct from separating longitudinal

  • Short installation time thanks to user-friendly design

  • Better economy – many cables can be laid in the same channel

  • Available in 4, 6 or 9 compartments
Accessories for 4 compartments
Accessories for 6 compartments
Accessories for 9 compartments

Technical data

Compartment 4 6 9
Length (cm) 110 110 110
Weight (kg) 10 14 19
Article nr 14090 14091 14092
4  6  9
Length (cm)
110  110  110
Weight (kg)
1,2  2,8  4,5  6,7
Article nr
14090  14091  14092

When assembling, each unit builds 1 m.

Environmentally friendly

Enhanced working environment for installers

Secure and sustainable cable installation

Fast and smooth installation without tools

Reusable, contributing to a circular economy

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